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    Filter Elements

    FAUDI Diesel focuses on providing filtration solutions that improve efficiency for our customers and maximize equipment performance. Our product range has been developed to meet the most demanding fuel cleanliness requirements.

    Coalescer Elements

    For diesel engine fuel systems to maintain their performance and reliability over time, fuel cleanliness is of utmost importance. Coalescer elements are used in the first stage in a filter/water separator when fuel enters the pressure vessel.

    • FDC Type

      • High water removal efficiency at high flow rate
      • Prevent water contaminants from overloading on-board filter systems
      • Filtration ratings: 25 μm (other upon request)
      • Flow direction: In-to-out

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    Separator Elements

    FAUDI Diesel FDS type Separator elements are used as the second stage of a high performance separation in filter/water separators for the filtration of diesel fuel. Diesel fuel can be contaminated with water during transport and storage. Separator elements in combination with FDC type coalescer elements help diesel fuel meet applicable cleanliness standards.

    • FDS Type

      • High performance separation
      • Minimize microbial infestation from water in bulk fuel storage
      • Flow direction: Out-to-in
      • Separator Screen: Teflon® coated stainless steel mesh

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    Microfilters are used for the efficient removal of solids to meet fluid specifications. FAUDI Diesel FDF type microfilters are highly efficient and cost effective due to their large filter surface area. These microfilters are designed for use in tough industrial diesel filtration applications where high-flow rates and large volumes are required. Incorporate microfilters in your overall contaminant and control systems in order to deliver clean diesel fuel.

    • FDF Type

      • Removal of solid contaminants
      • Highly efficient and cost effective due to their large filter surface area
      • Filtration ratings: 2, 5, 10, 25 μm
      • Flow direction: Out-to-in

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