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    FAUDI Diesel provides the most innovative filtration and sensor solutions to meet the evolving needs of the tough industrial diesel industry.

    Every day FAUDI Diesel is working on filtration solutions of the future. From our headquarters in Stadtallendorf, Germany, extending through its global footprint, we are able to provide leading-edge technologies, competitive pricing and fast lead times. FAUDI's fuel filtration experience spans over eight decades. Our drive for continuous improvement has sets the global standard for product quality and customer service.  Behind the brand, teams of both young and experienced employees work on the technological challenges of tomorrow.

    Our Hesse Manufacturing Plant

    Thanks to a modern factory with efficient production processes, located in Hesse and good transport connections for logistics companies, all filter elements can be produced on-site and supplied all over the world. Our global distribution network of fuel filtration experts offers provides an additional layer of technical and commercial support.

    Research and Development

    The field of research and development is of particular importance, for which we have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team. The goal is mutual success; faster, more efficient production processes for us, and higher customer satisfaction for our customers. FAUDI Diesel is constantly developing and refining its filtration products to protect diesel engines from component failures leading to costly down-time. Our product range has been developed to meet the most demanding fuel quality requirements, lower operating costs, reduce system downtimes and ensure an efficient work process.

    FAUDI Diesel Advantages

    FAUDI Diesel high efficiency products advantages:

    • Maximize equipment uptime
    • Minimize total cost of ownership
    • Enhanced fuel cleanliness
    • Predictive maintenance through water sensors

    FAUDI Diesel today stands for a brand of international significance and the development is far from over. New product ideas and technological developments are constantly expanding our core competencies. Since research & development, production, sales and quality management are all in one hand, both the range of services and customer service can be constantly optimised and expanded.

    Actionable Fuel Quality Data

    By deploying fuel quality monitoring electronics, every fuelling site has the potential to generate fuel quality data.  Monitoring fuel quality data is key to maximizing the efficient use of resources.  FAUDI Diesel sensors make it possible to turn data into actionable information. With the most advanced filtration and electronic solutions, FAUDI Diesel can take your preventive maintenance practices to the next level. Our goal is to protect your bulk fuel tanks, equipment and diesel engines by preventing the ingress of harmful contaminants. Our solutions help to deliver clean fuel and maximize the service life of your equipment.