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Fuel Storage & Distribution

When diesel fuel is moved through the distribution system, contaminants are introduced that negatively affect fuel quality and can be passed along with the fuel and cause engine wear. Typical contaminants in diesel fuel systems are free water, particles and microbiological growth. 

Importance of Filtration in Storage and Transfer Systems

Filtration of diesel fuel in storage and transfer systems is important as the fuel must meet cleanliness standards at the points of use. Fine filtration is required at both filling lines and storage systems. In the presence of free water in a fuel storage tank, microbial growth can spread and result in contamination that must be removed. It is imperative that an engine runs on quality fuel to ensure the best mechanical performance. Failure to remove the accumulation of contaminants prior to use will result in increased fuel system wear and eventually engine failure. Effective combustion also plays an important role in reducing exhaust emissions by achieving complete combustion in the engine cylinder.

Fuel Storage Solutions

Cleaned diesel fuel that is as close to refined as possible will always be superior to poorly maintained diesel fuel. That's why FAUDI Diesel offers best-in-class technologies to improve machinery reliability and operating performance and minimize maintenance downtime.  FAUDI Diesel's solutions include the use of filtration and separation technologies and electronic water sensors, and are critical to maintaining stored fuel quality and the operation of plant and equipment.

The benefits of FAUDI Diesel's high-efficiency products:

  • Maximize the uptime of your equipment
  • Minimize total cost of ownership
  • Improved fuel cleanliness
  • Predictive maintenance through water sensors

Mitigating the Risk of Stored Fuel

FAUDI Diesel's innovations in diesel fuel filtration enables us to solve the various problems encountered in bulk fuel storage and delivery. We also offer advice on optimising the efficiency and quality of the storage system through filtration and monitoring.

Diesel cleanliness solutions

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