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Power Generation

Critical infrastructure such as modern power plants and hospitals have an emergency power infrastructure that runs on diesel fuel. The reliability of the secondary power supply is critical to maintaining continuous operation in the event of an unplanned power outage. Their operation is critical, and repair or replacement of these precision parts is costly. Diesel-powered generators must be sufficient while troubleshooting and repair work takes place on the primary power source.

Maintaining Diesel Engine Performance and Reliability

Every time fuel is moved through the distribution system, contaminants are introduced that negatively impact fuel quality. Typical contaminants in diesel fuel systems include water, particles and microbiological growth. Failure to remove the accumulation of contaminants prior to use will result in increased wearing of fuel system components and eventually generator failure. For diesel engine fuel systems to maintain their performance and reliability over time, fuel cleanliness is of utmost importance. As diesel engine efficiency improve, fuel system component tolerances and injection nozzle sizes have decrease significantly. Diesel-powered energy supply for power plants and generators demands the highest level of preventative and fuel cleanliness regime.

FAUDI Diesel Advantages

FAUDI Diesel is constantly developing and refining its filtration products to protect diesel engines from component failures leading to costly down-time. Our product range has been developed to meet the most demanding fuel quality requirements, lower operating costs, reduce system downtimes and ensure an efficient work process. FAUDI Diesel has been providing world-class, technologically advanced filtration solutions for 80 years, delivering the reliability and performance utilities need to maximize of the energy throughput from their investments.

FAUDI Diesel high efficiency products advantages:

  • Maximize uptime of your equipment
  • Minimize total cost of ownership
  • Enhanced fuel cleanliness
  • Predictive maintenance through water sensors

Mitigating the Risk of Stored Fuel

Frequent filtration ensures that stored fuel is clean of contaminants such as water, sludge and particulates while maintaining its stability and quality until. This effectively mitigates the operational risk of storing contaminated fuel to supply an emergency power system and ensures reliability in the event of an unplanned power outage.

Diesel Cleanliness Solutions

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