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Mining Industry

The mining industry is operating in a rapidly changing market environment, and at the same time global megatrends are transforming the future of the industry. International mining companies are investing in research to drive innovation, including enhanced solutions for environmental sustainability and new technologies for effective production. To succeed in this business environment, cost-effective solutions are essential in all areas of operations

Extending Operating Life

Equipment life can be significantly extended through the use of cleaned fuel, which in turn reduces a mining company's operating costs. Diesel fuel typically passes through a series of tanks, pipes and valves from the refinery to the point-of-use. Every time fuel is moved through the distribution system, contaminants are introduced that negatively impact fuel quality. Typical contaminants in diesel fuel systems include water, particles and microbiological growth. Failure to remove the accumulation of contaminants prior to use will result in increased fuel system wear and eventually engine failure. For diesel engine fuel systems to maintain their performance and reliability over time, fuel cleanliness is of utmost importance.

Contamination in Fuel Storage

In large mining operations, contamination in a storage tank can spread quickly and affect many of the on-site equipment. When fuel contamination occurs, the proper filtration solution must be used to restore the fuel to the desired quality.

FAUDI Diesel provides best-in-class filtration solutions for use in extreme environment to improve equipment reliability and business performance. Our products are designed to keep equipment running with minimal downtime while extending time between maintenance cycles.

FAUDI Diesel high efficiency products advantages:

  • Maximize the uptime of your equipment
  • Minimize total cost of ownership
  • Increase fuel cleanliness
  • Predictive maintenance through water sensors

Advanced Filtration and Electronic Water Sensor Solutions

With the most advanced filtration and electronic sensor solutions, FAUDI Diesel can take your preventive maintenance practices to the next level. Our goal is to protect bulk fuel tanks, equipment and diesel engines by preventing the ingress of harmful contaminants. Our solutions help to deliver clean fuel and maximize the service life of equipment.

Diesel cleanliness solutions

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