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Our Capabilities

Innovation is at the core of everything we do at FAUDI Diesel and we strive to be the best at providing effective filtration products and services to our customers. FAUDI Diesel's engineering team develops filtration solutions for tough industrial diesel applications. The experience in filtration dates to the 1940s.

Research & Development

FAUDI's R&D team specialises in researching and developing high quality products that are customised to meet specific needs and minimise total cost of ownership. The team of engineers has more than two decades of experience in the filtration industry with sufficient theoretical research and extensive practical background. The filing of numerous patents with patent rights in the US, Europe and Asia are a testament to this. The team has extensive expertise in all areas such as basic research, design applications, process manufacturing and testing. The R&D centre is equipped with professional customised design capabilities and can meet all customer requirements for diesel applications.

Investment in research and development is an important factor for FAUDI's future growth. We continue to invest in life cycle management and market development of existing products in a balanced way, and we make strategic investments in longer-term, higher-risk and high-opportunity activities to develop new products.

Manufacturing & Our Commitment to Sustainability

With manufacturing and sales offices on three continents and distribution network in over 180 countries, we take a responsible approach to resources, energy and the environment. With a portfolio of over 800 products found in the diesel and aviation industries worldwide, FAUDI Diesel continues to take a comprehensive approach to sustainability and CO2 reduction. We have just the right expertise and equipment for processing technical filter products. Our many years of knowledge enable us to manufacture filter elements for every tough industrial diesel application with precision craftsmanship.

Quality Management

We do not compromise when it comes to quality. Our quality system ensures that precise and reliable processes are in place at all stages of production. We monitor, control and document every step of the production process. As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, we follow ISO guidelines and continuously review and audit our processes to ensure the highest levels of precision and reliability.

FAUDI Diesel today stand for a brand of international significance and the development is far from over. New product ideas and technological developments are constantly expanding our core competencies. Since research & development, production, sales and quality management are all in one hand, both the range of services and customer service can be constantly optimised and expanded.