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VDF-F Series

Microfilters are used for the efficient removal of solids such as rust, silica and other particulates from diesel fuels. Filter vessels are designed for use in tough industrial diesel applications where high-flow rates and large volumes are required. By maintaining absolute diesel cleanliness, end users can significantly increase the life of critical wear components, minimising downtime and maximising profitability. FAUDI Diesel microfilters are highly efficient and thus cost effective due to their large filter surface area and are available in vertical configuration and optional accessories.


  • Designed for high flow and high volume diesel fuel filtration
  • Excellent particulate removal properties
  • Ensure fuel meet cleanliness specifications

Technical Data

  • Filtration ratings: 2, 5, 10, 25 μm
  • Flow rate (maximum): up to 27980 lpm (7392 USgpm)
  • Flow rate (recommended): up to 10499 lpm (2774 USgpm)

Standard Design

  • Material: Carbon steel (other version on request)
  • Interior: Epoxy coating
  • Exterior: Prime coated
  • Cover seal: NBR (Buna-N)
  • All Filter Vessels are sized according to customer requirements & site specific conditions

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